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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are.
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you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. . this is kpix 5 news. cooling off after a triple digit day in some spots. the problems brought on by the heat and the relief we're already feeling tonight. an added challenge, how strong winds impacted crews fighting this fire. and new details in the santa monica shooting rampage, what we're learning about the gunman and the arsenal police say he was planning to use. good evening, i'm an na.
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relief from the heat tonight after record-breaking temperatures in parts of the bay area. the fog has arrived cooling things down considerably. it was a much different story earlier when triple digits caused house trouble for some and left others downright uncomfortable. in san francisco with a look at the difference even a short drive across the bay area can make. dawn. >> that's right. all of us know the san francisco can have hot -- cool days and cool nights when the rest of bay area is having warm weather, but the extremes that we saw today were just amazing. there were some parts of the bay area thad heat so great people were having problems. >> the heat in the brentwood oak lee area proved too much for some attending graduation ceremonies at two high schools. 11 people were dropped by the heat as were 8 more at oakland high school ceremony. >> seeing a total 17 patients, transport 11 patients to local
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hospitals. a lot of them were feeling faint. a lot of them were dizzy, and felt overwhelmed from being out in the sun to watch the graduation. >> folks in livermore were feeling the heat, too, as temperatures rose well above a hundred. >> it's hot. >> it's hot. >> whether we like it or not, jacob par nel let his kids cool down in a public fountain. his own strategy for beating the hoet. >> try to stay on the lower levels of the house. >> another choice was to jump in the car and head for coolville, san francisco. >> we had the air conditioner on before we left and so we didn't bring a lot of clothes. when we got here it was, lieshgs unbelievable. >> unbelievable cold or unbelievable --. >> unbelievable cold. >> fog and windshield visitors at the golden gate bridge like the wright family of houston, texas. >> i had read about the microclimates here, and it's somewhat surprising. i thought it would just be due to the fog. >> so what do you think of the temperature in the city today. >> lovely.
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>> what's the temperature in castro valley. >> not lovely. >> hot. >> hot. >> beach lovers who may have headed to san francisco to beat the heat only to find themselves in the wirnd and cold stayed to make a day of it anyway. >> and a lot of wind and white caps on the bay today so much so that we saw hardly any boats except for a few out of those cruze boats. really a cold, windy day. i just can't get over it. >> i know. there you are, bundled up in your jashg et and the rest of the people were sweth it out earlier in the east bay. don, thank you. >> always carry a jacket. >> absolutely. you never know where you're going to be. all right. so how hot did it get today. >> you just really have to embrace the bay area mie ro climates. we had a 47-degree temperature span today from pacifica along the coast at 60 degrees to 107 in lirm. yes, indeed, that's a brand new record shattering the old record of 106 established way back in 1918. there's 87 degrees in san jose, 88 in santa rosa but those numbers are still a good 10 and
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12 degrees above average for this time of the year. look at tomorrow. you're definitely going to feel the difference in most locations. 21 degrees cooler in livermore. it'll be at least equally as cool in san francisco as it was today but in san jose, down to about 74 degrees even with the cooler conditions, there is a weather watch you need to know about for sunday, and, ann, we'll talk about that with pinpoint forecast later on in this news cast. >> all right. see you in a little bit. it was a hot day's work for oakland's firefighters today as they battle a two-alarm fire with high winds. fire crews got the call around 5:00 this afternoon. these are pictures as they try to put out a fire near 73rd and bancroft avenues. the fire caused a roof to collapse a commercial building forcing crews to attack it from the outside. they got it under control around 7:30 this evening. no one was hurt. high temperatures and low humidity helped a brush fire
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spread low to livermore today. 240 acres burned. about three hours to contain the fire. no word on the cause. the driver involved in a crash in fremont that killed his young son and wife is now facing three felony counts. police say gilbert gayle is looking at two felonies for vehicular manslaughter and one for child endangerment. gayle's three-year-old son was killed tuesday when gil reportedly lost control of his car and slammed into a tree. the car was ripped in half and the toddler was thrown from the car. gil's wife died the next day from her injuries. he will be arraigned next week. late tonight law enforcement confirmed the name of the gunman behind a deadly shooting rampage in southern california. john is a former stient at santa monica college where it all came to an end. cbs reporter on why investigators believe the attack was premeditated. >> rifle in hand, this surveillance photo shows the man police say went on a shooting
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rampage across santa monica friday. investigators laid out the weapons and body armor he used. >> the suspect was dressed all in black. he was armed with a 2-2-3 semiautomatic rifle. he was in possession of multiple loaded magazines. >> several people were killed. the investigation spanning across nine crime scenes, but it appears it started here. police sources say the suspect gunned down his own father and brother and torched the house before leaving the neighborhood. he shot this woman in her car. >> the lady has been shot. >> investigators say the suspect then carjacked another woman and demanded he take her to santa monica college. >> told her he'd kill her. she was obviously terrified. >> on the way e he fired indiscriminately at a city bus wounding people on board and at this suv killing 68-year-old carlos navarro franco. police say the suspect then opened fire on campus killing another victim. joe orcutt came face to face with the gunman.
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>> i jumped out of the way just as i saw him panning and i heard a woosh go by my head. >> authorities say the shooter planned the attack, but they still don't know what motivated him. every erika ferrari cbs news. >> the gunman would have turned 24 today. cyber security was at the top of the agenda as president obama and his chinese counter part wrapped up two days of meetings in southern california. the u.s. has accused china of spying on american businesses and the pentagon by secretly hacking into their computer networks. the president's national security advisor sayses the subject dominates today's meeting. >> the president underscore resolve in this issue was really key to future u.s./china economic relations. >> the white house says both president obama and president che have also agreed for the first time to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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former south african president nelson mandela is back in the hospital because of recuring lung infections. doctors say the 94-year-old is seriously ill but his condition is stable. he was taken to the hospital in the middle of the night when his condition suddenly got worse. the san francisco 49ers now say that they will spend another $100 million to install a new tech features for the fans at santa clara stadium. news that the bay area will be hosting super bowl 50 had a lot to do with it. team officials say the cost of stadium will rise to $1.3 billion, and that makes it the second-most-expensive-new stadium in the country after met life staid i didn't mean in new york. well, it was a gun buyback of a different kind in hayward today. kpix 5 ann shows us some kids in the east bay were given the chance to trade in their toy weapons for a prize. >> how should you guys treat every gun or even a toy gun that
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you see. >> it's a lesson for kids who may see guns as a part of everyday life. >> it they get older, it becomes a natural thing. if they have a real gun in their hand, they'll pull a trigger just as quick. >> principle charles decided to hold a toy gun buyback. >> you've heard of real gun buybacks. local police departments handing out cash or gift cards for every working gun turned in. in this case, it's dangerous toys being exchanged for books. this mom says she never wanted per son to play with toy guns. >> but where we lived before, all the kids had toy guns, and they would go out playing guns so he felt left out so that's kind of how i got sucked into giving him the guns. >> and even here, the attraction to the toys. >> you don't touch those. you don't touch. >> was undeniable. some of the guns turned in during this buyback are obviously fake but some of them
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look remarkably reel. appearance wise, the only difference between this gun and one that could kill is the orange tip. >> they'll paint them black to make them look like real guns, and sometimes people will take a real gun to paint the tip orange to make it seem as if it's a fake gun. >> there are dozens of reports of people being killed because of a fake gun like this incident in oakland when police shot a man wielding a replica rifle. he died at the scene. but gun rights activists say this toy gun buyback is propaganda. >> firearms are part of humanity, much less, you know, any other item that would be normally found in a household and so trying to blame firearms or toy guns for the ills of society seems very misdirected. >> in hayward, ann makavic, kpix 5. >> principal hill said he got the idea from a school photographer who was concerned about young people and gun violence in oakland. ditch the cash. the lake celebration focussed on getting you to take a walk or
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. some 300 harley riders rolled into golden gate's national cemetery today to honor america's fallen veterans. one of the ride's organizers says it's all for a good time and a good cause. >> this is a fundraiser for some of the local charities that we support lieshg samaritan house and the san mateo county american legion just to name a couple of them. >> after memorial ceremony, the riders took a tour along the coastline in san mateo before ending up at a barbecue. a different kind of festival is underway in marin county okay. that looks normal but people came together today at the 36th annual fair fax festival to celebrate their diversity and love for sustain blt from colorful parade flows to organic foods. this event is a display of human spirit and createtivety in a
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uniquely marin county kind of way. >> they can put whatever label they want on us. we don't care. we're happy. >> people like this everywhere, but they need the chance to express themselves. >> but don't you think there's more of them here. >> there might be. >> the festival continues tomorrow starting at 11:00 in the morning in downtown fair fax. all right. so get out of your car and walk the lake. that's the message from the city of oakland and the reason behind a celebration at lake merritt tomorrow. the car-free party is called love our lake day. it's designed to get people to walk or bike the neighborhoods around lake merritt. you can take part in more than 40 different cultural activities including live miekz, sal sa dancing, free bike rentals, food trucks, boat rides, and it all starts at 11:00 a.m.. and cooler temperatures for both of those events, which they will appreciate. . >> fair fax today at 91 degrees. average high 79. oakland tomorrow will be 66. we should not see any of those
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white caps at lake merritt. >> oh, good. >> small craft advisory in effect. good evening, everybody. record-braefking day right here in the bay area. this is our live weather camera rook out toward it is transmek building. we do have a layer of clouds out there. still reporting clear skies. livermore now dropd under 70 degrees after that record-breaking high of 107. santa rosa has cooled to the mid 50s. now, today's high spanned anywhere from 60 in pacifica to, again, 107 in livermore. old records was 106 degrees established way back when ann was just a little girl in 1918. 83 degrees in napa. meanwhile tonight overnight lows into the 50s and 60s, 57 degrees overnight. oefk. here's what you can expect. a big-time cooldown tomorrow. temperatures up to about 24 degrees cooler than today many of our inland locations then we
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have the possibility of dry thunderstorms, just lightening, no rain. we'll talk more about that, but first off, let's play along at home. take a look at your future cast. here we have the layer of low clouds and fog. i was so happy to see that today. it is now pushed on shore. it has moved north of the golden gate bridge. you can see where it's saturating and also santa cruz. dispates tomorrow morning rather early, only partial coastal cleerg, however, then moves back on shore during the evening hours. much cooler day with a very robust sea breeze. our satellite radar does pick up that field of clouds along the coast and enhanced line area of low pressure but actually south of the bay area. as that spins across the nortd earn half of this state, it's going to cool us down. we'll see muggy conditions in our inland areas and have a chance of thunderstorms again in our inland air i can't say. see these yellow highlighted air i can't say? that's where we have a threat of dry lightening tomorrow. north and east bay as well as
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diablo mountain range and also the greater lake tahoe area, as well. humidity goes up, temperature goes down. look at livermore tomorrow, 82 to 86 degrees throughout the vicinity, otherwise, we dip well below average on monday then rebound seasonal highs by wednesday. tomorrow's highs, 50s at the beaches. take your pick, 60s and 70s around the peninsula. 70s to low 80s across the santa clara valley and, again, west wind 10 to 20 especially during the afternoon hours along the higher elevations 30 mile per hour winds. 86 degrees tomorrow, otherwise 84 in dublin. 69 degrees in san rafael. low 70s in petaluma. we're talking about 62 degrees, which is below average of the city in san francisco, as well. okay. there you have that slight chance of try lightening in our inland areas tomorrow with a red flag watch in effect for the inland areas. seasonal highs return by tuesday. much warmer conditions by wednesday, thursday, and as we lead into friday and saturday, lots of graduations taking place
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on friday. >> yes. your son is garage weight. >> yes, he is. >> yes. so you're muchl older than i am. >> i just burst a lot earlier than you did. give you that stink eye for that 14918 comment all the way from here. >> all right. vern is here. quite an exciting night for hockey fans. hockey night in chicago. i got some game in. >> certainly did. >> how i roll. nhl kings, black hawks, double time thriller and giants bats woke up in the desert tonight. highlights next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pitching... ,,,not really an is . baseball up toup, the giants just need to get going. starting pitching not really an issue tonight. bumgarner got some runs. now, pab row sand value reaggravated his left foot strain. there he is running to first base. he was removed from the game. second inning, brandon crawford got one. torres scores all the way from first. giants are rolling it up at the second. it was two to nothing. crawford 4 for 5 for the night. fourth inning buster posey. this one ain't coming back. two runs shot with 8 to nothing. running away with it, ann. 9-4 now in the seventh. depends. got that one in the fast part of the bag. you know what that means. yeah. that's a home run. the giants go onto win final of 10 to 5. now, let's see what's going on in chicago. a little jol lee. white sox mascot. josh donaldson wasn't happy
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about this one. bob ls it. allows coco crisp to score and the a's take the lead one to nothing like they almost always do. white sox answered in the second. adam dunn backed away and off tommy ma lone. right side tide up the game. great defense would help. crisp is going how did he do it? he robbed tyler flores. tierl floer es, boy, he had a sure hit there. tied in the eighth. bullpen couldn't hold. here's the go-ahead run. they scored three in the inning. next batter and see you later. sixth homer for the year. the a's lost 4 to 1. they're still in first place at the al west. why? because of, well, the rangers were doing at toronto. 18 innings. this is where they went 18 innings. there's former a and giant davis
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with a walk off for toronto. they win it 4 to 3. rangers trail the a's by a half game. over to hockey, nhl western conference finals, black hawks trying to close out the kings. third period 3-2, 14 seconds of the game, and l. a. ties it up. yeah. so this goes to double overtime. los angeles has new life. finds patrick cane. that's cane's third goal of the game. the black hawks win it 4 to 3 on the strength of the hat trick. they're on to the stanley cup finals against the boston bruins for the first time since 1970. >> right now i think it's almost like i'm in a different zone. >> you've just crossed over into the twilight zone. >> like, in the twilight zone or something. i'm kind of out of it so it's
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definitely a good feeling, though. tennis, 11 years ot day out of her first french open title, boy, did history repeat itself for ser williams. maria sharapova, the defending champion was in the way. no problem. something had to give, and it wasn't williams. just too good. these are the first set innings on strength of ace. more of the same. that's just -- that's not even fair. look at that return with back hand. championship point here and forget about it. she wins it, her 16th career major, 2nd french open title and talked about the 11-year gap and title. coming up, we'll show you the finish to the third leg of horse reyes racing's triple crown and what is castanevas doing in a cowboy hat shooting fake pistols in the air, folks?
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we'll explain next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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alace malice", r . final leg of the triple crown, the belmont stakes and here's the finish. >> it is going to be palace
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malice in the belmont. >> it's palace malice written by mike smith won it 13 to 1 odds finished 12th but today one 600 thousand of million-dollar purse. this year three different horses won the three different jewels of the crown. in golf, third round of the st. jude klassic. this shot of the day, lick las thompson out of the bunker, and this is butter. he's four shots off the lead headed into sunday. here's phil mickel. he's lurg l lurking only five shots back of the leader sean stephanie, and deep in the heart of texas, indy cars, the texas motor speedway after taking the lead on lap 97, irio never trailed in the last 1342 laps. he got his first checkered flag of the season and is currently in the lead in the overall point
11:30 pm
standing. 22 points in front of marco andretti, and look at that. yeah. can handle that six shooter. there. he cliems the fence because they kalt spiderman. when he wins the reyes, he climbs the fence then got to play with toy guns. when you're in victory lane, win a reyes like that, you can do what you want. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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look at 'em.
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